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Estuary Beach Quest

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Take the Estuarium with you whenever and wherever you go while beach exploring with our new Estuary Beach Quest! We invite you to participate in our summer long beach exploration games including, Crab-O and a Photo Giveaway. Check out the participation instructions below to join in on the fun! All participants must follow beach etiquette to keep our intertidal ecosystems happy and healthy. To learn the proper way to explore estuary life while keeping plants and animals safe visit our Ask the Estuarium Page.

Estuary Beach Quest Photo Giveaway

Want a chance to win a prize while exploring intertidal life? Participate in the Estuarium’s Estuary Beach Quest Photo Giveaway! To enter the giveaway snap a photo of a beach dwelling plant or animal, post it on either Instagram or Facebook and tag us @PugetSoundEstuarium. By posting and tagging your photo you will automatically be entered in a raffle to win a custom Jr. Beach Naturalist Kit and a private feeding of our animals with an Estuarium Lead Interpreter!

This awesome kit includes everything you need to start your journey as a Beach Naturalist including Estuarium merch, an amazing field guide, intertidal life flash cards, items to help you examine your beach finds and more!


How many crafty crabs can you spot on the beach? Join us in playing Crab-O by using your beach exploration skills to cross out a row of crustaceans, earning yourself a crabby BINGO! Bring your filled out Crab-O sheet to the Estuarium during open hours to collect your prize.

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Free Field Identification Guide

Use our Field Identification Guide to identify creatures you encounter on local beaches. If you are unable to tell what plant or animal you’ve found just Ask the Estuarium.

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Field Identification Guide Photo Credits

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Puget Sound Sealife
Heart Cockle, Pacific Oyster, Kelp Crab, Shaggy Mouse Nudibranch, Excentric Sand Dollar, River Otter, Turkish Towel, Sea Lettuce, Pickelweed, David W Jamison Copyright 2009

Dungeness Crab, Threespine Stickelback, PNWScuba.

Other U.S. Government Works
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Independent Photographers
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