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Limited Capacity Reopening

Posted by Estuarium

The Estuarium will be reopening with limited capacity this weekend! While we are excited to make our facility open to the public again, we want to ensure that our staff, volunteers and visitors are able to engage with estuary education safely. In order to meet COVID-19 safety guidelines the Estuarium will be adopting the following protocols during our weekend open hours. 

  • All visitors and staff must wear a mask when inside the Estuarium
  • Volunteer will greet guests before entering front door and will explain safety protocols
  • Hand sanitizer, sanitary wipes will be provided before entry to Estuarium
  • All staff and guests must stay 6ft away from one another inside the Estuarium
  • Maximum capacity inside the Estuarium will be limited to 10 people in order to allow for social distancing
  • The door between the back and the front rooms will remain closed to allow for separate entry and exit points and to keep the front room climate controlled for the protection of the estuarine animals, tanks and equipment
  • The doors to the back room will remain open to facilitate ventilation
  • There will be a volunteer at the front door and a volunteer in the back room at all times during open hours
  • Specimens will be handled by volunteers and staff only. If guests want to see any specimens they can ask staff or volunteers for assistance

For questions about our open hours COVID-19 protocols email us.

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