You are invited to the Estuarium’s Plankton Party!

Coming up, we have a very fun event at the Estuarium – it’s a Plankton Party on June 11th! Join us to watch plankton under a microscope as Mary Middleton from Pacific Shellfish Institute talks about plankton and how ocean acidification effects them. Carrie Ziegler will also review the plankton mural art project happening in July. So if you are interested in contributing to what’s going to be one of the coolest murals in Olympia, come down to our Plankton Party!

June 11th, 1-4 PM
Presenters start at 2 PM

Mary Middleton, Pacific Shellfish Institute
Carrie Ziegler, Artist

Puget Sound Estuarium
309 State Ave NE, Olympia, WA 98501

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