Volunteers are always welcome to participate for our various marine related programs, as part of the SSEA TEAM. Use skills you already have, assist with a special event, or help on a committee. For the Estuarium we seek individuals knowledgeable about marine and estuary ecosystems, wildlife, flora/fauna, or geology.  Click here for the volunteer form.  Volunter Form 1_16_141-b

SSEA is looking for:
• Beach Naturalists 

• South Sound Naturalist in partnership with Hand on Children’s Museum in the watershed model

• South Sound Estuarium staff

• Committee Member Volunteers

Beach Naturalists Program
This program is hands on, working with people who come to our local beaches. Beach Naturalist volunteers work to create a greater understanding of the South Puget Sound and its estuaries. They talk about how everyday choices can have a positive impact on our water quality. Click here to find out more information.

Volunteer training in April/May.  The “Meet Us At the Beach” is available weekends during low-tides in June, July and August.

If  you are interested in helping with our on the beach program, contact center(at)sseacenter.org for more information.

South Sound Naturalist

Volunteers are trained to work in the watershed model primarily the tidepool area, of the Hands On Children’s Museum.  Year around.  Training sessions held regularly.

For more information contact lynn@sseacenter.org

South Sound Estuarium

The South Sound Estuarium, 608 Washington St. NE.  is open weekends from 10 am – 3 pm.  We will return to the Thursday – Sunday schedule in April.

Volunteers greet visitors, answer questions, supervise activities, offer interpretation regarding the displays and exhibits at the center.

To volunteer contact Nate Bernitz, nate@sseacenter.org

All volunteers must complete a volunteer form, Volunter Form 1_16_141-b.  Please complete and return to the coordinator of each program area.