Shark Month at the Estuarium

Posted by Estuarium

For all of June and July, the Estuarium explored the world of our mostly microscopic friends, plankton. Did you know that the world’s largest fish, the whale shark, only eats plankton? Incredible!

You can learn all about the whale shark and all the other hundreds of elasmobranch* species during Shark Month at the Estuarium each weekend in August. We will have games, books, activities, and special guests to help us discover why sharks are so fascinating and how we can protect our 11 local Puget Sound shark species. It’s going to be JAW-some!
*a big science word for sharks, skates, and rays

  • August 12, 2 PM: Talking Sharks w/Sandy Zeiner, Estuarium
  • August 26, 2 PM: SHARKS! w/Dr. Dayv Lowry, Estuarium

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