School Estuary Kit Teacher Training

Posted by Estuarium

The Puget Sound Estuarium and PEI are facilitating a workshop – “School Teacher Estuary Kits” for grades 5th-9th on January 25th from 9:00am to 12:00pm at the Estuarium in Olympia.

At the workshop you will learn about:
• FieldSTEM (introduction)
• Estuary Principles and Concepts
• Community Partners and Career Connections
• How to sign up for an Estuary kit to use in your own classroom

Participants will receive 3 STEM Clock hours (FREE) and a poster along with an opportunity to sign up for kits! Kits are NGSS aligned and are hands-on!

The cost for this workshop is $25 to support the Puget Sound Estuarium. Click HERE to regsiter.

Aeriel Wauhob, Education Coordinator, is available at education@SSEAcenter.org to answer questions or to help with registration

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