Education Resources for Beach Naturalists

These resources are intended for your viewing and enjoyment. We hope that you find them useful for education or conservation of estuaries and marine environments.

Field Guides/Books

  • Sept, J. Duane. 2009, The Beachcomber’s Guide of Seashore Life in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Yates, S. 1998.  Marine Wildlife: From Puget Sound Through the Inside Passage.
  • Harbo, R.M. 1999.  Whelks to Whales: Coastal Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Kozloff, E.N.  1973.  Seashore Life of Puget Sound and the San Juan Archipelago.

Web-based guides

Identifying plants and animals on the beach


Guide for identifying and digging for clams

Invasive species in Puget Sound


Tide Charts