Puget Sound

imageTo get a closer view of Puget Sound Marine Life and Habitats, go to this resource website. The material was created by David Jamison, marine biologist, educator, and a person who lived Puget Sound and sharing his knowledge with people of all ages. He especially liked working with children. David died in 2014 and wished that the Puget Sound Estuarium maintain this website and make it available to our community. Enjoy this wonderful resource.

Learn about what lives in our marine environment and the different habitats.

Puget Sound Marine Life

Protect Puget Sound

All of us can take action to protect Puget Sound and our precious water and the creatures that depend on it.

Some suggestions are:

  • Walk, bike, bus, instead of using a car
  • Use non-toxic methods to control weeds and pests
  • Use natural or slow-release fertilizers
  • Pick up pet waste when out for a walk and in my own yardSalish Sea map
  • Use car wash, or wash your car on the lawn to prevent oils etc from entering the sound
  • Create a rain garden to put rain water back into the ground
  • Keep all items that will not decompose out of the waste water (sewer) treatment process.
  • Keep cigarette litter out of marine environment