Online Estuary Education

Social distancing precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19 have unfortunately lowered access to quality education resources for thousands of students in Puget Sound. The Estuarium is pushing forward to provide crucial estuary education to our community for free online! During the following weeks we will be sharing our curriculum in a series of interactive online classes. Join our team for virtual demonstrations at the Estuarium!

Exploring with the Estuarium Video Series

Join our Education Coordinator, Aeriel, as she virtually leads estuary focused demonstrations and experiments. New Exploring the Estuarium videos will be out every Wednesday and Friday! Click the links below to access student activity materials for each lesson.

Exploring with the Estuarium Youtube Playlist
Student Worksheets & Materials

Click to download student worksheets and materials for each Exploring with the Estuarium lesson.

Discovering Estuaries: What is an Estuary?

Watershed Woes: Pollution Modeling

Ocean Acidification: A Bitter Future

Don’t be so Dense: Estuary Density

Does an Oyster Have a Heart?

From Plankton to Orcas: Puget Sound Food Webs

Adapting to Your Environment: Animal Adaptations

How Healthy is the Sound?

Breaking it Down: Microplastics

A Rising Concern: Sea Level Rise

Invasive Species

Endangered Species

Oysters & Estuaries

The Puget Sound Rocks!

Tiny Tides Story Time

Estuarium team members will take turns reading estuary themed picture books from our Children’s Library every Friday. Tune into Tiny Tides for a new reading of our favorite estuary books every week!

Subscribe to the Estuarium’s Youtube channel to find the latest Tiny Tides episodes.

Tiny Tides Story Time Youtube Playlist

Animal Feeding Live Streams

Want to keep up with the health and happiness of our animals while the Estuarium is closed? Follow us on Facebook for live streamed feeding sessions of our kelp crab, anemones, sea stars and more! Our lead interpreters will be ready to answer all your estuary animal questions.