Meet the Beach

Are you going to the beach and want to know more about the amazing creatures that live in Puget Sound? The Estuarium’s Meet the Beach program has volunteers on the beach during summer low-tides. Find our dedicated team of volunteers sporting green vests and hats labeled “Beach Naturalist,” they are looking to answer your questions about inter-tidal life and habitats! If you see us out there, make sure to stop and say “hi”!  Just look for the iconic Beach Naturalist green hats/bags or vests.

For more questions about Meet the Beach, please contact our Program Coordinator.

What people enjoy about Meet the Beach

Learning about all the unseen life around us. Loved learning about intricacy of barnacles.

How excited my kids (4 & 7) were. I have never seen my 4-year-old so excited. This was fantastic. Thank you!  Especially to Paula for her patience & enthusiasm.

One of our volunteers shared their greatest moments with us:

Hearing an 8-year-old saying, ‘and I thought it would be boring here.’

Another beach naturalist volunteer wrote about, “A very young girl….. so excited about finding a goddess worm and a tiny girl finding tiny pink Baltic clams.”

Every day on the beach brings in many more wonderful moments and stories like these.

We explore the beaches with visitors of all ages. What do we discover there? So much diveristy! From marine mammals to plankton and everything in between. Some discussion topics include:

  • Flounder (the smallest are transparent!)  to fly fishermen (one caught a sea run cutthroat and released it)
  • Bright green amphipods to Bald Eagles
  • Seeing the heart cockle stick its foot out & try to dig (inside a Tupperware)
  • Charismatic moon snails and their “collars”
  • A wrestling match between two hairy shore crabs that went on for more than an hour!

Discovery leads to science, connection, and inspiration! We hope you can join us one day this summer when we can “Meet the Beach” together.

Here are some great pictures and article publishes in the Olympian: