Meet the Beach

About Meet the Beach

So many amazing creatures live in South Puget Sound and can be found on our local beaches. The Estuarium’s Meet the Beach program sends our trained Beach Naturalist volunteers out during summer low-tides to help our community discovery intertidal life! Find our dedicated team of Beach Naturalists sporting green vests and hats as they wade through the low-tide to explore estuary plants and animals. Our Beach Naturalists will help you dig in the mud and turn over rocks to find estuary creatures and answer all of your questions about Puget Sound’s intertidal marine life.


Meet the Beach Training

Beach Naturalist Training is moving online! Our Meet the Beach team has worked quickly to move our unique intertidal life training to the web in order to keep our community safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using a webinar format, our trained volunteers and staff will facilitate interactive training sessions with special guest speakers.


Beach Naturalist Resources

This page is designed to help support new and veteran Beach Naturalists during their volunteer journey with the Puget Sound Estuarium. We have hand selected videos, websites, and book suggestions to give as much insight into our local environment as possible. We hope you enjoy these resources!