Join Us January 19 for the Discovery Speaker Series – Geology

Posted by Estuarium

Join us January 19th at 7 PM as Wendy Gerstel, from Qwg Applied Geology speaks about Geology at LOTT’s Wet Science Center.

The geology and glacial history of Puget Sound has left us a legacy of stunning scenery along with day-to-day land-management challenges.  Erosion and landsliding impact land use, transportation, recreation, and other activities. Faulting, glaciation, sea-level fluctuations, and volcanic eruptions are among the geologic processes that have resulted in deposition and erosion of geologic deposits – repeatedly through time and variably over the region. Surface- and groundwater, ever-present in our Pacific Northwest climate, enhance these processes. Using lidar images and photographs during the talk, we’ll look at examples of how stratigraphy, morphology, and hydrology interact, and discuss options for accepting and accommodating the consequences.

Bring a friend, and we hope to see you there!

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