Capitol Lake or Deschutes Estuary – What is it?

Puget Sound Estuarium is an environmental, education non-profit focusing on marine and estuary topics related to Puget Sound.  Puget Sound is a very large estuary system.  The Deschutes Estuary/Capitol Lake area is one small part of a very large whole.

The Estuarium has no position on Capitol Lake/Deschutes Estuary policy discussion.  There are many parties with differing points of view working to find common ground.

The issues surrounding the Deschutes estuary/capitol lake are complicated. The original estuary (where freshwater and saltwater meet) was much larger than it is today. Dredged sediment was used to create “land” for roads, parks, and the downtown isthmus. Add the dam and what is now referred to as a lake (fresh water) came to be.

For detailed information for the area and policy issues under consideration, click the link below.