Staff/Board Members


Paris McClusky,
Executive Director
Aeriel Wauhob,
Education Coordinator
Elisa McGee,
Outreach Coordinator
Raegan Goff,
Program and Volunteer Coordinator
Lead Interpreter
Lead Aquarist
Lead Interpreter
Robin McPherson, President, Assistant Attorney General for the Dept. of Ecology
Lorie Thompson, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
DSCN3549 Rob Radford, Vice-President, General Manager Ocean Spray (retired)
Nicki Johnson, Treasurer, Auditor at Utilities and Transportation Commission (retired)
Diana Larsen-Mills, Health Services Administrator at WA Department of Social and Health Services (retired)
Amanda Newsom, Aquatic Invasive Species Unit at Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Ken Guza, Human Services Manager at WA Department of Social and Health Services (retired)
Sandy Zeiner, Secretary, Shellfish and Enforcement Policy Analyst at Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
John Campbell, Lab Manager/Research Scientist at the University of Washington (retired)