2016 Annual Meeting & Volunteer Recognition

April 12th, 6:00 – 8:30 pm, Capitol Museum Coach House,

214 – 22nd Ave. SW, Olympia.

Speaker: Helen Berry,  WDFW, Eelgrass and kelp in South Sound, focusing on the areas south of the Tacoma Narrows bridge.

Helen Berry, Washington State Department of Natural Resources, will share her expert and in depth understanding of eelgrass and kelp beds in South Puget Sound.  She will share trends, mapping studies, and discuss how critical these plants are for healthy habitats.  Join us to learn about and see lots of wonderful photos of South Sound’s important plants.

Volunteer Recognition

Plan to join us for Good Food, Conversation, Appreciation and Fun!


2015 Annual Meeting

Speaker: Eric Erler, former Executive Director, Capit0l Land Trust, “Conserving the Richness of South Sound Estuaries”

ee-photo1-small-225x300As Capitol Land Trust’s Executive Director, Eric has played a major role in land conservations efforts and knows how important estuary habitat is to the well-being of south Puget Sound. As expected he was a thoughtful and entertaining presenter.



Outstanding 2015 Volunteers:

Bob Vadas Jr, Janie Maki, Yolanda Hiss for Joe Hiss, Paula Williamson and Matt Vinson (not pictured).


Board Elections:  Keith Arnold, Retired Weyerhaeuser Forester and Nancy Arnold, Education Consultant (Retired) were elected to the board.


SSEA 2014 Annual Meeting & Volunteer Celebration:

John Dodge, annual meeting speaker

John Dodge, 2014 annual meeting speaker

April 8, 2014 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Capital Museum Coach House, 211 21st. Ave. SW,  Olympia, WA

Program: Overview of SSEA, its hopes and dreams, accomplishments and plans for 2013, Volunteer recognition, Speaker, and board elections.

Speaker: John Dodge, Olympian feature writer,

Title: Olympia’s Changing Shoreline

History of Olympia’s shoreline; dredging, fill, other modifications; and the consequences of these impacts. Looking forward to activities and changes that are happening on the shoreline now and into the near future. Is there a permanent home on the waterfront for SSEA and other maritime organizations.

Plan to join us for Good Food, Conversation, Appreciation and Fun!