2016 Annual Meeting & Volunteer Recognition

April 12th, 6:00 – 8:30 pm, Capitol Museum Coach House,

214 – 22nd Ave. SW, Olympia.


2015 Annual Meeting

Speaker: Eric Erler, former Executive Director, Capit0l Land Trust, “Conserving the Richness of South Sound Estuaries”

ee-photo1-small-225x300As Capitol Land Trust’s Executive Director, Eric has played a major role in land conservations efforts and knows how important estuary habitat is to the well-being of south Puget Sound. As expected he was a thoughtful and entertaining presenter.



Outstanding 2015 Volunteers:

Bob Vadas Jr, Janie Maki, Yolanda Hiss for Joe Hiss, Paula Williamson and Matt Vinson (not pictured).


Board Elections:  Keith Arnold, Retired Weyerhaeuser Forester and Nancy Arnold, Education Consultant (Retired) were elected to the board.


SSEA 2014 Annual Meeting & Volunteer Celebration:

John Dodge, annual meeting speaker

John Dodge, 2014 annual meeting speaker

April 8, 2014 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Capital Museum Coach House, 211 21st. Ave. SW,  Olympia, WA

Program: Overview of SSEA, its hopes and dreams, accomplishments and plans for 2013, Volunteer recognition, Speaker, and board elections.

Speaker: John Dodge, Olympian feature writer,

Title: Olympia’s Changing Shoreline

History of Olympia’s shoreline; dredging, fill, other modifications; and the consequences of these impacts. Looking forward to activities and changes that are happening on the shoreline now and into the near future. Is there a permanent home on the waterfront for SSEA and other maritime organizations.

Plan to join us for Good Food, Conversation, Appreciation and Fun!